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    tarae's mission

    Tarae Morton is on a mission to simplify weight loss through fitness training and nutrition educational programming. Mr. Morton provides quality solutions through various online fitness training programs and publications.

    Morton has operated as a personal trainer and wellness coach in Christian-based organizations and communities throughout NJ.

    Morton has provided workshops and daily programming adults, seniors, at-risk youth, intellectually impaired and many more. He has formed partnerships with various organizations including:

    US Air Force

    Religious Organizations

    State and Local Government

    "Tarae has pushed me past my expectations for myself...because of his work out program and motivation , I feel like I did in high school." - Angela Mathis-Rhodes
    "Good morning Tarae, I just wanted to say that your workout class has motivated me, strengthened me physically, and has made me energetic to move throughout my day. Thank you!" - Paul Robinson
    "Tarae is a passionate trainer with a heart to push you to your fitness goals. With your determination to make a change and his drive to help you succeed, you can't lose! With 25 pounds down and 25 more to go, I'm still excited about what's next! Tarae is the man to get you to your finish line." - Stephanie Smith
    "Tarae Morton is a maniac but i love it! Extreme boot camp in every sense of the word. If you want to get in shape, he is your guy." - Wanda B
    "Tarae is a true professional who delivers results. If you are looking to improve your health, give this program and trainer a shot." - Rudolph Vincent
    "Tarae is amazing! He is the best but toughest class I have ever trained with. Tarae switches the routine everyday and really pushes us to get the best out of every experience. I have been training with him for 5 months and I can already see a different body and I feel stronger. I did not even mention our warm-up; 15 times up and down the steps! He is amazing." - Little Trenard
    "Tarae is an amazing fitness trainer. Every day he pushes and encourages me to go further. Thank you for continuing to push even when I don't want to." - Angie Taylor
    "Tarae Morton is the truth. His workouts are intense and filled with love. When he calls your name, it is to correct your form or push you to your limits. We appreciate his commitment and dedication."
    "Tarae is an awesome trainer. He trains with toughness and love. I lost inches and weight all over. My energy is up and flexibility increased. Thank you." - Glenda Francis
    "Master chief of burning calories." - Andre Davis
    "Tarae Morton you are an awesome trainer. You push and encourage at the same time. I applaud your commitment and dedication to help us reach our goals. Constantly upbeat and bringing the "FIRE" to every session never accepting anything from us short of our best." - Linda Bond
    "From the moment I met Tarae Morton six years ago I knew he was a person that could help me achieve new goals and also the one that would change my life for the better. Tarae is very caring and attentive to what each person needs, what their limits are,and how far he can push us. He encourages and motivates me to do better yet he knows how much I am capable of. He makes working out fun by using a variety of different workouts that inspire myself and others to reach new goals. Tarae has helped me develop my mindset in a positive way and I have changed from a person who thinks I can to I know I can. Because of Tarae I am addicted to setting new goals for strength, speed and overall fitness. With Tarae's help you can too!" - Joanne Cooper Harris
    "I was interested in fitness but never had the motivation to start on my own. I met Tarae several years ago while taking a running class. My first day I ran 3 miles and I have not stopped yet. He is inspiring, encouraging, motivating and continues to be a blessing. He is so much more than a trainer. He continues to inspire me to be better and continue to seek after my goals. This is just a small part of how this program has been a blessing to me." - Vicki Conaway

    tarae morton

    Weight Loss Expert, Speaker, Influencer.